Emergency Button

To trigger operation team/ registered mobile phone user when driver in emergency situation.

  • Able to receive first hand alert from the driver if there is any emergency events.

Speed Monitoring

A customize buzzer is installed to control/ remind the driver if the speed exceeded 90 km/h.

  • A better monitoring on the speed travel in reducing accident rates and avoid unforeseen expenses.

Anti Hijack

A button for driver to press whenever he suspect or facing any hijack situation. Immobilizer will be activated upon hijack. The system configure in such away is to protect the driver safety (if the hijacker can’t drive the truck (immobilize immediately) they might hurt the driver.

  • To increased the recovery rate if there is hijack case.

To enhance on monitoring effectiveness, Watch Board

Being developed whereby the entire layout and information display is based on Jasa requirements.

  • A better monitoring layout based on business constraint.

Besides that, system will automatic trigger the user if the data is not updated for 45 minutes to ensure the proper action taken